Happy Feet and Positive thinking…You are stronger than you think

Hi! I’m listening to my business coach regarding positive mindset – and staying out of negativity, depression and scarcity mindset and ALWAYS having or creating a great environment that reinforces your positivity. Sounds like rainbows and unicorns perhaps? Sound unrealistic?

I’m going to try it. We are surrounded by negative media and negative people and events. Enough. I found her words empowering and encouraging – focus on what matters to you every single day and also my personal favorite – surround yourself with 5 people who are the most influential to you. Who are those people? Who surrounds you? How do they support you? How often?

How do you renew yourself mentally? It takes work for most of us. This is what I came across while I was organizing the foot video:

Wayne Cotton and the 7 F’s:

Faith, Focus, Forward Motion (both movement and thought) &
Follow through (completion)

Fear, Frustration and Failure.

From ‘Everything is Awful and I’m not ok: Questions to ask before giving up: 
Are you hydrated? Drink water. Have you eaten in the past 3 hours? Eat now. Have you stretched your legs? Stand up & stretch. Have you said something nice to someone in the past day? Do it now. Have you moved your body to music? 🙂 Have you cuddled a living being? 🙂 🙂 Do you  feel ineffective ? Pause NOW and complete something – no matter how small! Like writing a short email note… Do you feel unattractive? Take a selfie and send to friends who remind how beautiful you are and how little you need society’s approval of your beauty. Have you overexerted yourself physically, emotionally or socially? (Hello DB friends…) Have you waited a week, or 24 hours, to see if your perception changes? Send that cranky message to yourself, not anyone else.
You have made it this far, and you will make it through. You are stronger than you think.
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Speaking of support – here is my video on foot rolling. I know it will help you better support yourself and move more freely and easily. It’s great to do daily and doesn’t take very long. It’s really helpful if you sit all day, then ignore your feet by sitting down for workouts.

Your foot has 26 bones, is a tetrahedron – a three sided pyramid, with the talus bone at the top. It has 4 arches and the muscles support the arches from above (thanks Tom Myers!). 4 fascial lines cross or start at your foot, (superficial front and back, deep front and lateral lines) and the fascia and the bones of the foot are designed to absorb and transmit forces. Foot misalignment can cause issues at the knee and hip, and up into the lower back. The foot moves (hopefully) in a spiral, from the heel striking the ground, we roll along the lateral side of the foot, then roll across the metatarsals to push off the big toe. This is not always the case when running!

Foot wear is important and I believe in spending time barefoot as well.


Foot rolling and hip mobility video

Use it and feel much better, and work your way into a movement pattern that supports your everyday activities.
Let me know in the comments how it works for you.