Happy Feet and Positive thinking…You are stronger than you think

Hi! I’m listening to my business coach regarding positive mindset – and staying out of negativity, depression and scarcity mindset and ALWAYS having or creating a great environment that reinforces your positivity. Sounds like rainbows and unicorns perhaps? Sound unrealistic? I’m going to try it. We are surrounded by negative…

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Welcome! First Blog & fast fascia facts for stiff, sore bodies.

Hi everyone! Welcome to Anne Baker/Partners In Health first blog post! Very exciting! And I think I’ve found almost every excuse in the book NOT to sit down and write, because, just like you – there is always something else to do. Like going to the gym, paddling, going for…

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New Website

My new website is ready to go! The new site features a cleaner design and simplified content organization. It adapts to all mobile screen sizes, allows for appointment booking, and blogging. NAKB Design realized this site as a custom WordPress experience.

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