This class offers everything for the senior… laughter, full body workout, stretching, weight training, and even great brain stimulation. As a participant in this class for many years, I absolutely love it. Anne is one of those instructors who has a very special gift in how she runs her classes and we are so lucky to have her at the Leisure Club. Thanks Anne!
Rosalind, a participant in classes at the Leisure Time Club​

Couldn’t exist without Anne’s exercise classes… very, very helpful for balance and well-being. Everyone can work at their own limits. Couldn’t start a week without Anne’s Monday morning exercises. She gets me going for the week.

Taking Pilates classes with Anne Baker is a total learning experience. I certainly know a great deal more about body mechanics (my strengths and weaknesses) and applying this knowledge to improve my body’s overall performance. For the past four years I have taken Pilates classes with Anne and will continue to do so for many more years.